Tangled Lanterns

Tree Lanterns

Tangled lanterns are inspired by the Disney movie Tangled.
The most romantic moment in the movie is when the tangled lanterns take off in the boat.
The hilarious adventure of this unlikely duo begins when Flynn Rider, the kingdom’s most wanted and glamorous thug, is taken hostage by Rapunzel.

tangled lantern

I admired lanterns at Fantaziland at Wald Disney World Park. Together with my daughter, we thought of bringing the magical atmosphere of Disney to your home.
Usually, paper lanterns are not very durable. The tangled lanterns we’re going to show you are gorgeous. You can safely use it both outdoors and inside your home. It is not flammable like paper. We designed it to be used outdoors for 5-6 years in summer and winter.
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Disney world lanterns will be a unique visual in the game room or children’s room lighting in your birthday, wedding, and similar organizations.

What to Consider When Choosing the Best Tangled Lanterns

Simple lighting will also work. but if you want to create a fun and inviting room or invitation, tangled lanterns are the best option.

tangled lantern

FAQs About Your New Disneyland Lanterns

How will you use the tangled lanterns
Which light should you choose?
Which cable or hanger should you use?
If you want to hang it on a tree, how should you proceed?
How can I buy it?
We have collected the answers to all these questions for you.

You can use several tangled lanterns together with the help of a simple thin cable.
As you know, light color is also very important. Instead of white light, it is useful to prefer yellow solar-colored spiral bulbs. You both contribute to nature by saving electricity, and they look more visually appealing.
If you want to use it outdoors or for the Christmas tree, all you have to do is tape the cable connections tighter with electrical tape. make sure it is waterproof.
Since tangled lanterns are waterproof, you don’t need to remove them from where you hang them. It is always used in summer and winter. creates a wonderful ambiance in your garden.

Other Disney characters Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Tinkerbell, Peter Pan anything you want we can add to the lanterns.
If you want, we can also add your picture to the lanterns at the birthday or wedding.