outdoor lanterns

outdoor lanterns

Cafe Garden Lighting with Outdoor Lantern

Outdoor lanterns, You can create the perfect ambiance with the outdoor lantern lamp. The tree lantern lighting that you will add to the outdoor decoration will both fully meet your lighting needs and create a visual feast in your space. You can also customize it. We can add your company logo, your image on the tree lanterns. You can find personalized details in our Etsy shop.


Garden Ornament

Hummingbird Garden Ornament Outdoor Lantern Features

  • Metal cover and bottom frame
  • Household E 27 socket
  • Hanger and 40 cm transparent cable
  • It is suitable for use in all seasons. Color does not fade, does not wear out for a long time.
  • Metal parts are statically baked painted.
  • 12 cm diameter, 19 cm height
  • The tree lantern seen in the cream color photograph turns amber when lit.


The top of the outdoor lanterns is metal. İt is also reinforced with a metal sub-frame. Metal parts of tree lamps are painted with static ovens. Its body is made of flexible plastic. İt is resistant to impact, heat, and all outdoor weather conditions for a long time. İt does not discolor like plastic products, does not wear out from the sun.

outdoor lamp

Outdoor Lantern Lamp Decoration

You can create countless decoration ideas with the outdoor lantern lamp. At the beginning of these, of course, is the tree lighting of businesses such as cafes, restaurants, and hotels. It is a great advantage to have the lighting of your garden as well as the decor. Our tree lighting products have become indispensable in the decoration of rural weddings, which is the trend wedding idea of recent times. It is a great advantage that it also meets all the lighting needs of your space.

You can start with a little planning. It is useful to determine the dark, unusable, or the places you want to illuminate well because it can be quite troublesome to change the places of the lights later. We can list the necessary materials as follows. Extension cable Small plastic clamp or binding wire electrical tape and fusible tape After determining the places where you will hang the tree lantern, arrange them in a single row in groups of three or five before hanging them. Then, after the hanging work is finished, combine the cable ends in one place and connect them to the mains electricity. You’d better use a small switch too. You can insulate the cables with fusible tape. Then use electrical tape over it. The tree is very important to all of us, so it is useful to loosen the ties of the things we hang using wire or clamps because tree branches can damage the tree later on as they grow over time. In addition, expanding branches can cause electrical wires to break. Outdoor lanterns lamps. Enjoy after completing the assembly. Hope to see you…

tree lanterns
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